List Your Property as a Film Location

Much of our success rests on the diverse and interesting locations that are present here in Georgia.

Our extensive location library contains homes and businesses from throughout the state that we match to location requests we receive from producers of feature films, television movies, commercials, music videos, corporate media and still photography shoots.

If you would like your Georgia home, business or property considered as a possible filming location, please send your digital photos to us by using our location submission form. We will review your photos and, if approved, your property will be added to our photo location database.

Submitted locations may not be accepted if they don’t meet the guidelines below:

  • Locations submitted with just one photo will not be accepted.  Send as many photos per location as you can (up to 20 max).
  • NOTE: You will not be able to edit your listing once submitted, so please submit all photos at one time.
  • If submitting a home or other building, please include interior and exterior shots. If interior shooting is not allowed, please make a note of this under the “usage restriction” field.  Please note that all location photos submitted to our office are for our clients only.
  • Please don’t submit photos shot in inclement weather (snow, fog, rain, etc.).
  • Headshots or other photos highlighting people will not be accepted.  Please only submit location photographs.
  • Please send large, monitor-quality photos so we can see more location detail.  If you know how to adjust picture settings, here are some general standards:
    • 144-150 dpi
    • File size between 200KB – 1 MB
    • JPEG compression = 7 good quality
    • 1280 X 1024 resolution
    • Physical photo size: 8.5″ X 11″
  • For general, overview photos of a location such as a town or neighborhood, please submit only pertinent photos for that location type. For example, if a town has a nice river or museum nearby that is not visible from the town streets, please submit that location separately rather than under a general town heading.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our location specialists.


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For more information about Georgia’s film and TV industry, email Craig Dominey or call Craig at 404-962-4049.

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