List Your Property as a Film Location

Thank you for your interest in listing your property with our film & TV location database. Please read through this entire page before submitting photographs.

If you would like your Georgia home, business or property considered, please send digital photos by using our location submission form. We will review your photos and, if approved, your property will be added to our location photo database.

All locations are placed in a secure, password-protected database (Reel-Scout) and sent to our clients upon request. Submitted locations are not accessible by the general public and can only be changed by staff once submitted.

Submitted locations may not be accepted if they do not meet the guidelines below:

  • Provide a good photo overview of your property, showing what it looks like today. Think of this process like you are trying to sell your home – the more visual information our clients have, the more informed a decision they can make.
  • Shoot multiple angles, and where appropriate include a wider street view so we can see how your property “sits” within its surroundings.
  • Shoot wide where possible so we can get a sense how large the property or room is. Make sure images are properly rotated before submission.
  • If submitting a home, business or other building, include interior and exterior shots. If interior shooting is not allowed, please make note of this in the “usage restriction” field.
  • Concentrate on unique features of your property. For house interiors, a few shots of main rooms (kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, etc.) are sufficient. Excessive photos of every bathroom, pantry or closet are not needed.
  • Professionally shot photos are not required, but dark, out-of-focus or outdated photos may not be accepted.
  • You must be the actual owner of the property and/or have the authority to lease it for production. Our database is not intended for agents to market properties for sale.
  • If particular types of film/TV content or budget levels are not of interest, please make note of this in the “usage restriction” field.
  • All submitted locations are for potential use as shooting locations. If you want to list the property for lodging, please visit our Reel-Crew production directory and submit the property, or contact a housing coordinator listed in the directory.
  • Do not include photos shot in inclement weather (snow, fog, rain, etc.).
  • Staged photos highlighting people, pets or objects are generally not accepted. Headshots are not accepted.
  • Do not submit video clips, renderings, or brochures – just photos of the actual locations.
  • If the property is due to be sold or drastically remodeled in the very near future, please wait to submit photos until the property is in its “final” condition.
  • Submit larger, monitor quality photos. Submitted locations with no attached photos will not be accepted. Typically if we do not receive the images, the file size is too big. Here are some suggested sizing guidelines:

• 144-150 dpi
• File size between 200KB – 1 MB
• JPEG compression = 7 good quality
• 1280 X 1024 resolution
• Physical photo size: 8.5″ X 11″

Once you have gathered your photos, please submit them using our Photo Submission Form.


+ Q: How will I know my location has been received?
A: You will receive an automated e-mail when your location has been received.  Due to the heavy volume of locations we receive, we are unable to respond to each entry.  You are welcome to check on its status by contacting our staff.  Locations are generally approved unless they do not meet the guidelines above.
+ Q: How long until I hear from a production company?
A: It depends. We host hundreds of productions each year, with a wide range of location needs, and varying production schedules.  It is possible to hear from a production the next day or the next year. We send your photos to producers in a timely manner and then it depends on their schedule and needs.
+ Q: How much should I charge someone to shoot on my property?
A: For the most part, there is no set rate.  Location fees vary depending on the location budget of the show, scene requirements, impact on the property and other factors.  Representatives of the production company will make an offer if the location is of interest.
+ Q: I received a request from a student film with limited or no money for locations.  Should I work with this student?
A: Our office encourages the professional development of new Georgia filmmakers.  Many film students or independent filmmakers have limited resources to produce their projects.  We encourage you to consider these location requests, within reason.  But if you will not consider such projects, make a note of this in the “usage restriction” field.
+ Q: How is liability insurance handled?
A: Most film/TV productions carry substantial liability insurance policies to film on your property.  This will be addressed in your location agreement.  For low-budget student or independent films, you can ask the filmmaker (or the school) if they carry liability insurance.  A sample location agreement can be found here.
+ Q: I cannot use the photo submission form.  Is there another way to submit photos?
A: You can mail a flash drive or CD to our office address.  Or you can use a free file transfer service like  E-mail is generally discouraged.  Please include all information required on the location submission form (property name, street address, point of contact, etc.)
+ Q: How can I update my listing with new photos?
A: Locations cannot be accessed by the general public once submitted.  If you want to send additional photos, please submit them directly to our office as described above and include the original name of the location.
+ Q: How can I verify that a location request is legitimate?
A: You are welcome to call our office to verify any requests you receive.


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