Logistics Workforce

Preparing today for the workforce needs of tomorrow

logistics-workforce-interiorThe Center understands logistics success relies on the coalescence of people, process and technology.

Training and educating this workforce is a top priority in Georgia, with our premier network of logistics programs in 30 institutions with the University System, 23 technical colleges, and 37 college and career academies as well as the Department of Economic Development’s Workforce Division and the Georgia Department of Labor.

Finding and connecting companies to this uniquely wide array of resources is a forte of the Center.  Georgia is committed to connecting talent with opportunity throughout the state.  The Center collaborates with the state’s education and training partners to facilitate the ‘last mile’ connection between the talent development resources and workforce your supply chain needs.


  • Leads the Georgia Logistics Workforce Alliance (GLWA), a forum for companies to easily connect with resources for recruiting new employees and discovering training and education options to enhance the skills of current employees
  • Collaborates with education partners and employers to increase the number of internship and work-based learning opportunities and to facilitate real world experience in the industry
  • Creates continual dialogue between the industry and the state’s educators, to foster closer collaboration on knowledge and skills required to be responsive in a rapidly changing industry
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