Georgia Centers of Innovation


The Georgia Centers of Innovation provide over 1,500 customers each year the technical industry expertise, collaborative research, and partnerships to help the State’s strategic industries connect, compete and grow globally.


Learn how each center can help your business navigate the industry to reach your optimal success.

Aerospace Agribusiness Energy Life Sciences & IT Logistics Manufacturing



  • Focused, deep technical industry expertise
  • Identifying new markets and business opportunities
  • New product commercialization and development assistance
  • Access to ground breaking research and collaborations
  • Business, academic and government partnerships

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David Nuckolls

Manager, Marketing and Communications


  • Everybody from the Governor to the Lieutenant Governor to the AG Commissioner, they are all about helping small businesses grow.
    Lauri Jo Bennet, Lauri Jo’s Southern Style Canning
  • Commercialization would have been difficult if not almost impossible without the help of the Centers of Innovation.
    Ken Watkins, Polymer Aging Concepts
  • The Center helps us in industry to network with other professionals and gives us a good voice that we can speak collectively about Georgia to make sure that we take care of our customers.
    Mark Holifield, The Home Depot
  • The Center brings the people together to discuss the world’s best practices and it brings companies like us together to discuss the technology that’s available.
    Eddie Capel, Manhattan Associates
  • The Center of Innovation has shown us doors that we didn’t know existed and have also helped us open doors that we may have seen but weren’t able to get through.
    Chris Paulk, Muscadine Products Corporation
  • To a large extent AREA-I owes its existence to the Georgia Center of Innovation and to the state of Georgia. I really am immensely grateful for what they've given.
    Nick Alley, AREA-I