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Looking for a business in Georgia to help improve your bottom line?  The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD)’s Supplier Match Program wants to help foster Georgia business-to-business opportunities by helping companies seek a competitive edge and lower costs through the potential use of local suppliers.


  • Another way to get Georgia products or services into the marketplace
  • Another avenue to market Georgia companies
  • Bottom-line impact by doing business with companies closer to home – alleviates transportation and associated costs
  • Another way to promote and market smaller businesses
  • Any size business applies
  • Another selling tool for why Georgia is the ideal location
  • Identifies new contract manufacturers meeting a need for Georgia’s entrepreneurs

When utilizing the search for any types of local, Georgia companies, the potential for new business increases.  Additionally, current data is captured to help develop new business leads, identify products or services not available in Georgia and provide current data on our data bases.

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