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A number of vendors offer workshops and training classes for various film and TV jobs. While the training can be excellent, most of these courses have an associated fee to participate, and there is no guarantee employment will result. The following list is for informational purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

Atlanta-based event entertainment company Be A Star Entertainment is excited to announce its new film screenwriting workshops!This is an ongoing workshop for those who aspire to become a professional screenwriter for film. I am a graduate of the Writing, Directing, Producing Film Connection school in Los Angeles. I will be teaching the fundamentals of writing a full feature film.

There will be 8 courses to this workshop. In order to write a first draft of a screenplay it will take a lot of time and commitment and rewrites in order to get it right. It takes a mentor or teacher who has done it to coach and help you get it done!
Class syllabus: We will cover how to write a synopsis, logline, write a first draft of ACT I, II, III and IV, plot points, storyboarding, how to make a tear book, using Final Draft professional writing software program, along with film writing guidelines and sequencing for proper format to get your script accepted by a producer. We will include some film studies as examples and how to register your script to protect your copyrighted materials. We will also cover producing a pitch page and sizzle reel that you will need to try and sell your script to Hollywood! We will practice pitching our script in class for feedback. Finally, we will discuss ways in which you can sell and market your script and the legal aspects.

At the end of this workshop series you should be on your way to complete your first draft of a professional screenplay that you can then proudly register and be prepared to pitch to film producers!

Classes start in March 2017 and meet 2x month through June
Location TBD in Atlanta. For more information, schedule and pricing please email or call (404) 825-2151. Updates for class information will be posted on

PACT (Production Assistant Certification Training) – MULTIPLE DATES – ATLANTA, GA & MACON, GA
A job as a PA is the best way to break into film and TV. Whether you desire to be a director, AD, make-up artist, or production crew member, taking our course to become a PA provides you the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge and training about life on a production set and the role of each position. Our course has successfully prepared graduates working on films as Production Assistants.

The PA is the flexible “do-all” production member tasked with anything from running errands, directing traffic, escorting actors to and from the set and wrangling extras. The PA may be responsible for logging tapes, getting snacks, or helping set up equipment. No matter which task the PA is asked to perform it is expected that a thorough understanding of set etiquette, a great attitude, adherence to set safety and knowledge about the job and set are presented. Our program provides the platform to learn the duties and expectations to be a professional
Production Assistant.

Professional Industry Instructors:
The two-day course, taught by industry professionals with over 30 yrs experience prepares graduates for careers as a Set/Location PA and offers a direct view into what goes on behind the scenes in the Film & Television industry.

Hands-On Training:
Because we believe that real-world experience brings you closer to your goals of being hired as a PA, our training provides realistic training in addition to necessary classroom instruction . Students learn:

• Set Etiquette
• Walkie Talkie Communication
• Set protocol: “Do’s and Don’ts”
• Gear and supplies
• Introduction to Set Safety & Protocol
• Set Call Outs, Lock-Ups
• Production Equipment
• Production Departments: Roles & Responsibilities
• Production Terminology/Lingo
• Crew Positions
• Overview of Office Production Forms & Duties
• PA Resume Assistance
• Job Readiness & Internship Opportunities
• Effective Networking
• Job Placement Assistance

SAT FEB 25, 2017 9AM—5 PM
SUN FEB 26, 2017 1PM—6 PM

3772 Pleasantdale Rd
Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30340

SAT MAR 18, 2017 9AM—5 PM
SUN MAR 19, 2017 1PM—6 PM

SoChi Studios
534 2nd St
Macon, GA 31201

$99 for VGIFT (Veterans of GA In Film & TV) members(Form DD214 required)



The Atlanta Veterans Association is proud to present VGIFT (Veterans of GA in Film & Television), a program created to educate and train Veterans in careers and employment in Georgia’s Entertainment Industry (Film, Television, Theater, Digital Media, & Music). VGIFT offers short and long term training programs including acting workshops, set design, production assistant, script writing, film production, directing, digitalcinematography, photography, lighting & grip, editing, graphic design, etc. whichencompasses all aspects of Georgia’s entertainment industry. VGIFT members can apply for grants, scholarships and tuition discounts or may be eligible for free training programs (*conditions apply). VGIFT membership is $25 per year.

Join VGIFT at

Workshops will be held, Saturday & Sunday, February 18th & 19th OR March 18th & 19th
SAT. 9 a.m. to 4p.m., SUN. 1pm – 7pm
Address: Open Rivers Pictures, 461 Sandy Creek Road, Fayetteville, GA 30214 located in the, Pinewood Atlanta Studios Production Centre. $135.00 registration fee before February 12th, $150.00 after February 13th 10% Military Discount (Call for military discount). To register visit,
Workshop will be held, Saturday, February 25th 9 a.m. to 4p.m.
Address: Open Rivers Pictures, 461 Sandy Creek Road, Fayetteville, GA 30214 located in the, Pinewood Atlanta Studios Production Centre. $100.00 registration fee before February 6th, $120.00 after February 7th 10% Military Discount (Call for military discount). To register visit,
Film Investor 101 Workshop 2/18/17
Sign Up –
Film Investor 101
Price: $65 ($50 for ATLFS / GPP members)
Saturday, February 18th – 9:00am – 12:00pm
Instructor: Linda Burns
Considering investing in a film project, production company, or related business? This industry is a risk whether you’re Sony Pictures or a savvy business profession with a little extra cash. Investors unfamiliar with the film business often overlook the red flags that would protect that investment. Learn what to look for in a business proposal, how to identify concerns and potential problems, and ways to protect yourself from fraud.
Take all three classes, or sign up individually:

Intro to the Film Biz – 101
Price: $50 ($40 for ATLFS / GPP members)
Saturday, February 11th
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Instructor: Linda Burns
The basics – learn crew positions, definitions, and hierarchy, film terminology, must have set gear, and the equipment PAs interact with daily. This class walks you through the filmmaking process from script to screen, to give you a realistic understanding and accurate portrayal of what opportunities Georgia has for folks looking to enter the business.

Intro to Set, Office and Art PA – 102
Price: $50 ($40 for ATLFS / GPP members)
Saturday, February 11th
Time: 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Instructor: Linda Burns
The basic duties and responsibilities of an entry level production assistant in any department are laid bare – from runs and proper food orders to petty cash and locking up the set. Learn to read a call sheet and production map, get familiar with start paperwork, understand the importance of the color wheel of copies, get up to speed on protocol when interacting with all departments, learn the difference between feature/TV and commercial PA jobs, and much more.

How to Create a Proper Film Resume and Network for a Gig
Price: $50 ($40 for ATLFS / GPP members)
Saturday, February 11th
Time: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Instructor: Linda Burns
Whether you have a film resume that needs a facelift, a corporate resume that needs converting or no resume at all, this class will help you create one that is job ready. In this business, it’s who you know more than what you know, so when you’re just starting out your resume and social skills are your first impression. Learn where to find work, how not to be “that guy”, and how to use that resume to get your next gig.

The Assistant Directors Team plays a vital role to the overall production by understanding the “Big Picture,” of what needs to be accomplished in order to have a successful shoot. This workshop is for anyone who has a desire to learn more about the TV/Film Industry, with aspirations of elevating their careers. Perfect for college students, graduates, and working professionals looking to change careers or advance in the TV/Film Industry.

In addition to learning how to become an effective Production Assistant on the AD Team, workshop attendees will also learn how to create essential production documents such as Call Sheets, Production Reports, SAG Exhibit G’s, & more.

The Assistant Directors Team Workshop is February 25-26, 2017 from 9am – 5pm.
The workshop will take place at Discover Dekalb located at:
1957 Lakeside Pkwy
Suite #510
Tucker, GA 30084

To register visit –

Our workshop was created to keep up with the growing TV/Film Industry in Georgia. We understand that proper training and guidance is imperative for the upcoming film elite. It is our mission to teach, inspire, encourage, & uplift anyone who is interested in pursing a career in the wonderful world of the exciting entertainment business.

We believe that “Knowledge is power and the more you know, the further you will go.”

A Hailey Productions, LLC
Alicia Hailey Daniels, our founder / instructor is a proud member of the Directors Guild of America since 2008. Alicia’s career started as a DGA Trainee in Los Angeles. She has gained varied experience working with several studios such as Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, TPS, Sony, TBS, BET, ABC Family, CBS, ABC, OWN, Lionsgate, & NBC.
To learn more visit, or call us at 818.276.6647.

L.A. Stunts offers professional stunt training for film and TV at our own 3,000 sf facility in Buford, GA. Our Stunt Boot Camp program began in 2008 and has helped a number of today’s top stunt performers get started in the business. Our Stunt Boot Camp is a 6 day program perfect for actors interested in safely doing more of their own stunts, working stunt performers interested in building their skill set and improving their technique, and athletes and dancers new to the stunt industry. The cost of the 6 day Stunt Boot Camp program is $1850, with a deposit of $925 to hold your spot in the class and the balance of $925 due 3 weeks before the session.

Advanced 3 Day Workshops follow each Stunt Boot Camp and are $975.
We also offer monthly facility memberships to enable Stunt Boot Camp graduates and trained stunt performers to keep up their skills.
For additional information and dates of upcoming sessions please visit


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