Game & Digital Media Companies

  • Blue Mammoth Games, Inc.
    Independent game development studio building faster and more flexible browser-based multiplayer games
  • Clickteam
    Software company best known for the creation of a script-free programming tool that allows users to create video games
  • CCP North America, Inc.
    An international gaming company that develops multiplayer games including “The World of Darkness”
  • Face the Fans
    Social game company working with the Facebook platform and building an experienced team of engineers, artists and designers
  • Giant Studios
    Recognized leader in motion capture and virtual environments for film, television and videogaming
  • Logical Choice Technologies
    Classroom products and curriculum built on groundbreaking augmented reality technology
  • Nohero Interactive LLC
    PC & mobile game design and development; game design and development consultation; and game art production and management
  • Sports Challenge Network
    Social mobile technology company that uses smart devices within recreational sports
  • Stargate Studios
    High-tech production company offering visual effects and production services to the film and television industries
    Web: http://www.stargatestudios.net
  • Thrust Interactive, Inc.
    Leader in the development of unique software products that facilitate the deployment and distribution of games across multiple platform
    Web: http://www.thrustinteractive.com
  • Turner Broadcasting System/Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
    Home to popular cartoons, videos and free games including “Ben 10,” “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” “Total Drama Action” and “Pokémon”
    Web: http://www.turner.com
  • Zobee Games
    Creates social prediction games for smart phones, tblets and social networks
    Web: http://www.zobee.co

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More About Georgia Benefits

Georgia’s industry-specific Project Analysts are available to help you with a wide range of business needs:
  • Site and building services
  • Location data
  • Community contacts and facilitation
  • Cost environment analysis
  • Coordination with state agencies
  • The state's commitment to supporting companies working in new areas such as Augmented Reality has enabled us transition our experience into the marketplace, through students and startups, and will help Georgia become recognized as a leader in this area.
    Blair MacIntyre, Georgia Institute of Technology Augmented Environments Lab
  • The Interactive Design and Game Development department at the Savannah College of Art and Design is dedicated to preparing talented, highly focused and well-trained students, at both graduate and undergraduate levels, to be the leaders of tomorrow’s gaming and interactive design fields. We are thrilled and honored to be working with the State of Georgia to help bring opportunity to the next crop of critical thinkers and industry innovators.
    Luis Cataldi, Savannah College of Art & Design
  • Internap provides high-performance IT infrastructure services to numerous Georgia-based companies that share a common theme – the Internet is critical to the success of their business. Whether an online retailer, a major airline, a gaming studio, or a live streaming broadcaster, Internap’s customers are pushing the limits of the Internet and represent the future of Georgia’s digital economy.
    Eric Cooney, Internap
  • The state's entertainment incentives have supported our efforts to build an exceptional, Georgia-grown game development studio. We have relocated over a dozen experienced game industry professionals to Georgia and put them in mentoring positions with talented new graduates.
    Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios
  • With compelling tax incentives and a wealth of local resources, game developers and publishers will realize that Georgia is a great place to do business.
    Paul Condolora, Turner Broadcasting System Inc.

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