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2017 Nomination Period Now Closed:
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Georgia Automotive Company of the Year: Lund International


Georgia is a premier destination for automotive manufacturers and the technology companies that are developing the transportation system of the future. The industry contributes a whopping $2.3 billion to the State’s economy. The Georgia Automotive Awards were developed to elevate the industry’s profile, recognize individual companies for their contributions, and celebrate the industry’s collective accomplishments.

Innovator of the Year: Elan Technology


During the summer of each year, nominations are submitted through this website. The nominees are evaluated through a structured process by a diverse committee of experienced stakeholders in the industry. Winners are announced in early fall. Anyone may nominate a company, and it is perfectly acceptable for a company to nominate itself for an award.

Community Impact Award: Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA)

Award Categories:

Awards are granted in each of the five categories listed below. A nomination for an individual company must be limited to a single category each year. If multiple parties nominate the same company in a given year, all nominations will be considered. If those nominations are in different award categories, the committee will determine which category makes the company’s strongest case for winning an award that year. A company is eligible to win more than one award over the years.

Georgia Automotive Supplier of the Year: TD Automotive Compressor Georgia (TACG) and Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America, Co. (TICA)

Category Descriptions

Randy Jackson Leader of the Year Award: Greg Vitek, IMS Gear Georgia, Inc.

1. Automotive Innovation Award

The Automotive Innovation Award will be conferred to the company that clearly demonstrates a commitment to excellence and innovation in their approach to solving a problem, preferably one that impacts the entire automotive industry.

The innovation can be demonstrated in a variety of ways including a new product design, a new innovation process, a measurable process improvement, a novel partnership initiative, or an innovative workforce-related program. The innovation must have been made at the organization’s Georgia location. Nominees will be evaluated on the extent to which:

  • The innovation supports the overall improvement of the automotive industry
  • There is evidence that the innovation led to significant improvements or widespread acceptance; preferably within the automotive industry as a whole, but also within the company’s global operations.

2. Automotive Supplier of the Year Award

The winning company for the Automotive Supplier of the Year Award will be a supplier to an automotive OEM, at any tier, that demonstrates strong growth and projections. Nominees will be evaluated on the extent to which:

  • The company demonstrates a significant growth percentage by sales, footprint, workforce, or variety of products manufactured within the state of Georgia.
  • Growth in the number of OEMs served from the company’s Georgia location.

3. Community Impact Award

The winning company for the Community Impact Award will strongly demonstrate a high level of corporate citizenship in and around the local community and/or within the state of Georgia. Nominees will be evaluated on the following:

  • Company contributions to established civic organizations or initiatives. This may include leadership roles, support for employee involvement and/or financial support.
  • Development of new company-sponsored activities that show advocacy and action for community improvement.

4. Georgia Automotive Company of the Year (composite of all factors)

The winning company for the Georgia Automotive Company of the Year Award will exemplify all relevant factors as outlined in the other awards, and will demonstrate overall industry leadership within the state. Nominees will be evaluated on the following:

  • Success and sustained growth within the automotive sector in the state of Georgia.
  • Recognition and championing of its role in the state’s automotive industry.

5. Georgia Automotive Leader of the Year

A leader in the Georgia automotive industry who has devoted considerable time and effort to advancing Georgia’s automotive industry. Nominees will be evaluated on the following:

  • Participation in state-wide, regional, or national/international activities that demonstrate the company’s pride around its Georgia location
  • Leadership activities that connect disparate members of Georgia’s automotive community to coalesce into a thriving ecosystem that builds on company synergies
  • Longevity in a leadership role

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