King’s Hawaiian Says Aloha to Success

“The people in the South get this concept of the “Aloha Spirit” because the behaviors are very similar to Southern hospitality. That was a huge benefit – to have access to a workforce that is not only talented but understands hospitality, kindness and graciousness.”

– Dan Raatjes, Vice President of Operations, Kings Hawaiian

Founded more than 60 years ago in Hilo, Hawaii, by Robert R. Taira, King’s Hawaiian makes the No. 1 branded dinner roll in the United States. The company is a family‐owned and operated business that has been dedicated to making original-recipe Hawaiian foods made with the “Aloha Spirit” for three generations. King’s Hawaiian is headquartered in Torrance, California and has baking facilities in Torrance and in Oakwood, Georgia.

The company aims to share the Hawaiian Way — a uniquely Hawaiian approach to hospitality based on graciousness, generosity and a commitment to making everyone feel a part of King’s Hawaiian Ohana’s extended family.


  • State and local assistance in locating East Coast operations in 2010
  • State and local assistance in expanding Georgia operations in 2014
  • Georgia Quick Start, the nation’s No. 1 workforce training program, developed a customized training curriculum for their employees at no extra cost
  • Partnerships with leading colleges and universities: apprenticeship program at Lanier Tech, manufacturing and robotics expertise at Georgia Tech, and the food science program at the University of Georgia
  • Access to a vast and qualified talent pool


  • Large Manufacturer of the Year, State of Georgia, 2017
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