Georgia’s efforts to protect businesses

Georgia continues to emerge as a leader in the information technology industry. As a whole, the industry cluster generates nearly $5 billion in annual revenue, and is home to more than 115 companies including major players like IBM, Dell, Verisign, and VMware AirWatch.

We have first class technology infrastructure and our dedication to the growth of this sector has led to investment and job creation from several industry leaders in Georgia. Due to these significant public and private investments, Georgia has become a leading center for connectivity and cybersecurity. When it comes to cybersecurity, Georgia is bringing the best resources to the table.

  • We are home to the National Security Agency/Central Security Service which opened the Georgia Cryptologic Center in Augusta.
  • The Army’s Cyber Command (ARCYBER) Headquarters will move to Georgia, creating close to 4,000 new jobs by 2019.
  • Governor Deal announced that Georgia will be establishing a new Cyber Innovation and Training Center in Augusta, which will advance the field of information security with develop protocol to responding to cyber threats.

shutterstock_138793265As information becomes more accessible online and companies continue to conduct business through web-based infrastructures, cybersecurity initiatives and the protection of sensitive data has become extremely important to our state. Providing the best resources to support this thriving industry and companies who choose to do business in Georgia is a top priority. For more information, please visit our Information Technology page.

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