2016 Small Business ROCK STARS: ViziTech USA

Today marks the third day of Georgia Small Business Week, and we are proud of all of our 2016 Small Business ROCK STARS!

  • Creature Comforts Brewing Company, Athens-Clarke County
  • D&J Plastics, Quitman County
  • Reformation Brewery, Cherokee County
  • IACT Health, Muscogee County
  • ViziTech USA, Putnam County

Every year, the Small Business ROCK STARS honor a few of Georgia’s stand-out small businesses that have shown outstanding leadership, innovation and growth over 12 months. This week, we will highlight each of the five winners in a featured blog post—giving you an inside look at the top small businesses in the state.


VIziTechUSA-1200pxQuite simply, ViziTech USA makes learning easier. The Eatonton-based innovative technology company creates 3D holoprojected imaging and machinery—which can be projected in a room and manipulated by students.

The idea came about when President Stewart Rodeheaver served in Iraq and needed to create a new system for learning and teaching his soldiers. Rodeheaver came up with the idea to create a 3D imaging system that gives students a more visual and “hands-on” experience, rather than just learning with paper and pen.

Since its inception, the company has grown from employing just 2 people in a basement to employing 12 people in three offices nationwide.

140420_DII_Z_Space_SP_082_RT-1200pxThe game-changing technology is now being used by more than 500 schools, colleges and universities. And the Georgia Department of Transportation recently began work on a training program for street workers who clear snow and ice from roads in winter storms.

Rodeheaver’s heart truly lies with education and the learning process, and the company’s “learning box” has proven to increase test scores by 33%.

“The typical person remembers 10 percent of what they read after 24 hours and 20 percent of what they saw. But if you engage them in the task to retrieve the information, they will remember 90 percent.” -Stewart Rodeheaver, President, ViziTech USA

We are proud to call ViziTech USA one of our Small Business ROCK STARS this year and look forward to seeing its success continue.

You can find ViziTech USA on Facebook at @VizitechUSA.

For more information on small businesses in Georgia and how you can start or grow your own, visit Georgia.org/Small-Business.

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