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Georgia energy firms can accelerate the development of new energy solutions with assistance from the Georgia Center of Innovation for Energy Technology. The Center is the state’s key resource to create, connect and grow Georgia’s energy ecosystem. Through the development of new products, ideas and business models in the Energy Ecosystem, the Center helps the state maintain a leadership position in the fields of energy generation, transmission, distribution, storage and consumption. View a map of Georgia's waste stream and recycling resources.
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People Powered Photo Booth Brings Innovation to Holiday Travel

As you’re traveling through Atlanta this holiday season, be on the lookout for People Powered Photo Booths in the Atrium of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. These one-of-a-kind photo booths, an innovative part of the airport’s Winter Wonderland extravaganza and were created through a unique partnership from our Center of Innovation for Energy Technology.

FullSizeRender-1Nearly a year ago, the Center of Innovation for Energy Technology teamed up with the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) to develop this technology that generates electricity by walking or stepping. The Center then capitalized on its ongoing relationship with Liza Milagro and the Sustainability team at the Atlanta Airport and introduced them to the technology. Once their interest peaked, the Center and GTRI pulled in additional partners from the Georgia Tech College of Architecture, Interface, BEST Academy, and OMG Booth to develop the technology for this unique photo booth.

Users step onto a carpeted platform and begin moving around quickly. The kinetic movement is converted into electricity that then powers the photo booth and snaps a photo that you can share.

The project is a first result of a larger initiative to develop a field scale prototype using Georgia Tech’s PiezoElectric generators (gtPEGs). GTRI and other Georgia Tech researchers are evaluating the gtPEGs as a means to generate electricity from any surface where pressure is applied.

This project is a result of collaborative spirit that exists between government, academia and the private sector. – Costas Simoglou, director of the Center of Innovation for Energy Technology

FullSizeRenderOnce perfected, this technology could show up in stadiums, schools, airports, roadways, hospitals and other high traffic areas. The benefits to these sensors are numerous, as it provides a clean, renewable source of energy and integrates with existing solar, wind and fossil fuel energy systems.

So this holiday season, go red and GREEN and show your support of renewable energy by stopping by the photo booth at the Airport and taking a selfie.

You can also invite your guests to take a photo and send it to your phone, letting you know they’ve arrived. These booths will only last until the end of the holiday season, so don’t miss out on experiencing firsthand the technologies of the future!

For more information on the Georgia Tech Research Institute, its gtPEGs and other research going on at the institution, click here.

To find out more about the Georgia Center of Innovation for Energy Technology and how we partner with companies to enhance the state’s energy ecosystem, click here.

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