The Wiz Live! Puts A Georgia Artist at the Helm

By Tina Lilly
Tina is the grants program director for Georgia Council for the Arts

What I always remember is storytelling is storytelling. People will always remember a good story told well, and the key is to always find the heart of the story. It’s not magical if it has no heart. – Kenny Leon

Georgia native Kenny Leon walks the red carpet for The Wiz Live!

Georgia native Kenny Leon walks the red carpet for The Wiz Live!


Georgia was certainly represented in NBC’s nationally televised production of The Wiz LIVE!  Atlanta’s own Kenny Leon directed the massively successful production.  Leon, a Tony Award winner, is the Artistic Director of True Colors Theatre Company in Atlanta.  Leon will also direct a new production of The Wiz when it opens on Broadway next year.


In addition to Leon, Georgia was represented by LaGrange native Elijah Kelley as the Scarecrow.  Kelley has also appeared in Hairspray and Lee Daniels’ The Butler.  The production was such a success that NBC will rebroadcast it on Saturday, December 19 at 8:00.






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