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The Center of Innovation for Information Technology is the key resource for helping Georgia’s technology community find collaborative research opportunities and partners to connect, compete and grow globally. From health IT and medical devices to cyber security and mobility, the Center is an open door to Georgia’s robust technology community that helps businesses seize new opportunities.


Georgia has one of the largest and most diverse technology industries in the nation with major strengths in health IT, medical devices, software development and digital entertainment. More than 14,300 technology companies and 165,000 employees call Georgia home. The state’s dedication to the growth and success of its technology industry has led to the location of industry leaders such as Greenway Health, Panasonic Automotive, McKesson Technology Solutions, AT&T Mobility and NCR. Georgia also has major educational assets having three of the top 100 research institutions and U.S. News and World Report consistently ranks the Georgia Institute of Technology in the Top 10 annually.
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Google has made a significant impact in our lives, from simply searching fun facts and recipes to helping us learn more about ourselves and better understand the world in which we live. Whenever someone clicks “search”, Google harnesses the information in order to put the pieces of the bigger picture together – knowledge. Always looking for a better, more efficient way to provide fast information, Google creates data centers. When Google decided in 2007 to build a data center in Douglas County, the data behemoth had the future in mind.

Earlier this week, Google announced plans to expand the data center constructed in 2007, one of 13 data centers in the world. The company will invest $300 million in the project, building a new facility near the existing data center in Douglas County and creating 25 full-time job positions in addition to 350 existing jobs.

“Global companies are seeing our community in a way that many of us have seen it for a long time – a business culture that is warm yet productive, both competitive and cooperative, and balanced between traditional and cutting-edge,” said Amanda Shailendra, director of life sciences and corporate solutions for the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “Projects like this support Georgia’s thriving entrepreneurial environment and we intend to keep this trend going. As we continue to welcome more innovative companies to the state’s technology landscape, we look forward to what the future brings for those living and working here.”

Google has already contributed $2.76 billion in economic activity for 62,000 Georgia businesses, and provided more than $3 million in grants for advertising for Georgia non-profits.

With a booming technology industry, Georgia is an ideal location to conduct business. Named the best state for business by multiple publications, including CNBC, Georgia is home to invaluable resources that encourage and support the industry. With direct access to a skilled workforce and an established broadband infrastructure, technology companies seek out what the state of Georgia offers. The collaborative relationship between the industry and the pool of talent available from nationally ranked STEM programs within the University System of Georgia is what drives innovation.

Home to more than 16,250 technology companies, Georgia has seen the second-fastest industry growth rate in the county. The Peach State has the 5th-largest information technology employment cluster in the nation. Companies are actively pursuing Georgia’s unique business environment, such as Mercedes-Benz USA, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, General Motors, Panasonic and AT&T among others.

With the ability to provide support throughout the innovation process, from research and development, to production, manufacturing and distribution, Georgia offers a thriving IT environment. Google’s $300 million expansion and major company relocations to the state goes to show that it pays to do business in Georgia.

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