Kubota Chooses Georgia for the Long Haul

The Kubota Tractor Corporation’s presence in Georgia has grown considerably over the past 40 years. In April 2013, Governor Deal and Kubota announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Jefferson, Georgia. The new 522,000-square-foot facility will cost $73 million and will create approximately 200 new jobs.  This will bring Kubota’s total footprint to 2.2 million square feet of manufacturing and assembly space and over 1,900 employees in Georgia.

“Our unique package of workforce, location, affordability and global access is very attractive for international companies looking to expand their markets,” said GDEcD Commissioner Chris Cummiskey.

Watch this video to see Governor Deal, Henry Kubota, and the Japanese Consul General’s remarks on the benefits of this expansion and advantages of Georgia as a location for international business.

Kubota did not tackle the organization of this massive project alone. The Georgia Department of Economic Development offers a variety of resources for business owners wanting to expand. For Kubota, the department played a vital role in the collaboration process and worked with local county and city development authorities to help manage the expansion.

“Georgia has been great for Kubota because of the wonderful logistics network right in the heart of our market,” said Brian Arnold, CMO, Kubota Industrial Equipment.

Kubota’s benefits of advanced manufacturing in Georgia include:

  • Tractors can reach their markets by 4,700 miles of railway, 118,777 miles of highway, ships docked in Georgia’s two deep-water sea ports, and planes flying through the world’s busiest, most efficient airport.
  • Georgia’s low power costs will help keep manufacturing cost low.
  • Resources and connections through the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Center of Innovation for Manufacturing.

Georgia’s benefits include:

  • Over 1,900 jobs created.
  • Gaining an “excellent corporate citizen,” according to Jim Joiner, Mayor of Jefferson.
  • A company that cares about its environmental impact and will recycle and reuse 70 percent of its total water consumption by using Kubota Membrane technology.

As quality Kubota tractors and equipment roll of the line from their new plant in Georgia, we are pleased and proud to provide the resources they need to reach a global marketplace.

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