Collaboration is Key when We Speak Business

In this video, executives spanning various industry segments talk about why their businesses are successful in Georgia. Whether a business is expanding or relocating, Georgia’s workforce, business environment and logistics capabilities all play an important role.

AirWatch Chairman Alan Dabierre emphasizes Georgia’s education and workforce. “We need a place where we can recruit and retain and get the greatest intellectual capital in the world, and we find that here in Georgia.”

Tom Gebhardt, President of Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of Atlanta, explains that “the collaboration has been tremendous.” Georgia is consistently ranked highly for business environment and business-government cooperation.

Ken Watkins, President and CEO of Polymer Aging Concepts, discusses technology and innovation—two of Georgia’s greatest strengths. “I would strongly encourage any new business, especially high-technology innovative companies, to locate in Georgia. It’s a very, very pro-business environment.”

Lauri Jo Bennett has a more personal story to tell. “Everybody from the governor to the lieutenant governor to the ag commissioner, they are all about helping small businesses grow.” When Lauri Jo Bennett decided to start her business, she had just four recipes handed down from her great-grandmother. Now, her company has 37 products, 22 employees and is sold in 3 countries and 41 states.

Take a moment to hear what your peers have to say.

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