Southern Charm

Georgia is a unique state in terms of its geography, history and culture. Key industries such as Arts, Commerce, Film, Music, and Tourism shape the economy and its people. We, as a state, integrate and support them collectively to create and sustain a diversified economy. And when we bring them together we have a very powerful story to tell.

It is impossible to showcase all of what Georgia has to offer in one video, but you will find that this experience provides a taste of the authenticity, beauty, diversity and “southern charm” Georgia has to offer.

A special thanks to the Quiet Hounds for lending their creativity, time and music to this piece.


Southern Charm

“Southern Charm” Lyrics

All the gardenia on the sideway dropping like they want you.
I’m a believer on the highway when they’re playing our tune
driving up slowly though the gravel nothing stopping Sunday
Summer love songing in my longing we can do this our way

Hot city you are mine

Storms on your shoulder and I call it Paradise
Everyone knows this thunder only means bright lights for us

Hot city you are mine
So pretty on my arm

Hot city you are mine
So pretty on my arm
Tell me that you’ll make this rainstorm ours
make it ours
dancing through the black night
Hot city you are mine
Oh say that you are mine
This is where my southern charm will lye

This city home, this home is you, you are my summer love song
how do you do it, how do you make it hum
My heart is warm, my blood is red, this sweat is all I have to make it up to you, make it up to you, love.

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Southern Charm

Do You Know Our Department?

The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDECD) operates at the speed of business to support economic growth. Our teams work together to create new jobs and investment across the state of Georgia.  Learn More>

  • Arts: From the home of iconic visionary artist Howard Finster and the rich literary and visual arts legacies of Flannery O’Conner and Benny Andrews to the Gullah-Geechee community, a vast array of artistic influences have shaped our state and in doing so, influenced national cultural identity.  With an economic impact of $62.5 Billion, the creative industries in Georgia generate nearly 200,000 jobs. Georgia Council for the Arts annually awards approximately $1 Million in grant funding to support this vital sector.
  • Centers of Innovation: Exclusive to Georgia, the Centers of Innovation provide over 1,500 businesses each year the technical industry expertise, collaborative research, and partnerships to help the State’s strategic industries connect, compete and grow globally.
  • Global Commerce: Georgia has consistently been named the No. 1 state for business as companies from around the world continue to choose Georgia to relocate or expand operations. The Global Commerce Division helped create a total of 30,309 new jobs during FY 17, generating a record-breaking $6.33 billion in investments.
  • Film and Television: The Georgia Film Office was created in 1973 after the commercial and critical success of Deliverance. Today, it represents a $9.5 Billion economic impact for Georgia and includes notable film and television series such as the Avengers, Forrest Gump, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Hidden Figures, Baby Driver, and Guardians of the Galaxy II.
  • International Relations: Georgia is home to more than 3000 international firms, 70 foreign governments, and 1 million foreign-born residents. The International Relations division cultivates and expands Georgia’s international relationships. The office oversees communications and activities with foreign governments and is the state’s liaison to members of the Consular Corps, Trade Commissions and Bi-National Chambers of Commerce.
  • International Trade: Georgia’s top export partners are Canada, Mexico and China respectively. Today, Georgia is represented in 11 strategic markets around the globe, helping Georgia product and services reach more than 214 countries and territories.
  • Tourism: Georgia’s tourism industry generated a record-breaking $61.1 billion in impact in 2016. Through its network of regional and international representatives, Atlanta office, and 12 visitor information centers, the Georgia Tourism team assists the state’s communities and attractions in drawing potential travelers to their areas, and helps individual visitors and groups discover Georgia’s unique experiences and destinations.
  • Workforce: Georgia is home to the #1 workforce training program, the #1 industrial engineering program, and the #2 biomedical engineering program in the nation. Today, our workforce team supports a variety of programs to improve the quality of job training and the marketability of Georgia’s workforce that is comprised of more than 6 million along with 95,000 graduates from 80 colleges, technical colleges and universities across the state.

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