Filming in Georgia FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Filming in Georgia

How can shooting in Georgia save me money?

Our large and experienced crew base, production resources, vast array of locations and largely permit-free shooting policies already make Georgia a smart economic choice. Now with our new generous financial incentives, potentially upwards to 30 percent, shooting in Georgia will save you even more money!

How do I find crew in Georgia?

A good resource is the Georgia Film, Video and Digital Entertainment Sourcebook, our annual directory of local production services and staff. If you can’t find what you are looking for, our office will be happy to assist you.

 Do I need a permit to shoot in Georgia?

The Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office does not issue filming permits. In general, permits are not required for shooting on private property (beyond the owner’s permission) unless public property is impacted. Some municipalities and state and federal agencies may require permits to shoot at certain locations within their jurisdiction. You can contact the county Camera Ready liaisons or call the appropriate municipality or agency to inquire about rules, restrictions, and permitting for your desired location. You can also check our film permit list to see which agencies or municipalities have posted filming guidelines.

What’s the weather like in Georgia?

Georgia enjoys one of the more moderate year-round climates in the nation. You’ll find more specific weather information in the Georgia Film, Video and Digital Entertainment Sourcebook.

 I need to double _____________ (fill in the blank). Can I find this in Georgia?

With the exception of expansive deserts or a blustery snowfield, Georgia has it all from Vietnam to Boston, the Midwest, Alabama, New Jersey, Paris, New York, North Dakota, Mississippi and Florida. Georgia has stood in for locales around the country and the world. Our location liaisons are familiar with every corner of the biggest state east of the Mississippi River.

 Is there anywhere in Georgia that I can shoot a summer/spring shot with greenery in January?

Absolutely. Savannah and much of Coastal Georgia has live oaks, magnolias, azaleas and other foliage that remains green all year round. For more information, contact the City of Savannah Film Office.

 I need rural locations for my shoot. Can I still base out of Atlanta without driving too far?

Yes. Rural locations are plentiful within a half-hour’s drive in any direction from downtown. And if you need mountain scenery, the Appalachian foothills are approximately 45 minutes away.

 I am looking for uniquely “Southern” locations. Does Georgia have these?

Yes. Although Atlanta is a large and thriving modern city, you will find numerous rural locations, charming small towns, and historic Southern homes within an hour’s drive from downtown. And Savannah is a beautiful and historic, southern coastal city with a unique look all its own. Macon, Columbus and Augusta, along with hundreds of other cities and towns throughout Georgia, offer unique and realistic looks that will create a sense of place in your production and save you money on set dressing.

Where can I get a list of talent agents?

You can find a partial listing of Talent Agencies and Casting Directors listed in the Georgia Film, Video and Digital Entertainment Sourcebook and in the local phone book.

  Is the City of Savannah Film Office part of the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office?

No, the City of Savannah Film Office operates under the auspices of the City of Savannah. We consider them our partner, though, in that we share information and assist each other when necessary.

Does your office have stock footage of Georgia and Atlanta?

No, but you can check the Georgia Film, Video and Digital Entertainment Sourcebook for local stock footage suppliers.


Frequently Asked Questions for Georgia Residents

  I’m a local independent filmmaker. Can your office help me get my movie made?

Our office is not involved in the actual production or funding of films. But we’d be happy to assist you with finding locations, production resources, contact information or whatever information you need to get your project off the ground.

  I’ve written a great screenplay. Can you help me get it to a literary agent or producer?

Our office does not market scripts to agents or producers. But there are several great books and web sites that can show you how to properly market a script. As a first step, check out the Writers Guild of America site.

  How do I find out what productions are currently shooting in Georgia?

The Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office operates a 24-hour Hotline with up-to date information, including any calls for extras, cast and crew. The Hotline number is 404- 962-4055. You can also find this information online by visiting the Hotline page or by following us on Facebook and Twitter

  A production office listed on your Hotline did not include a phone number. Can you give it to me?

All contact information on our Hotline was sent to us by the production company, and represents how they wish to be contacted. We can not give out additional information without the company’s approval.

  I’m a media professional living in Georgia. How can I promote my services?

You should consider listing in the Georgia Film, Video and Digital Entertainment Sourcebook, our annual directory of local production services and staff. The Sourcebook is published by Oz Publishing and is updated annually. Application for inclusion in the book must be received by the fall, but you can be added to their website at any time. Please call 404-633-1779 for exact dates, costs and additional information.

Where can I get a copy of the Georgia Film & Video Sourcebook?

The Sourcebook can be ordered through Oz Publishing. There is also an online version of the bookavailable free of charge.

How do I find representation as an actor?

Check out the talent agency section of the Georgia Film, Video and Digital Entertainment Sourcebookfor a partial list of Georgia talent agencies. If you’d like to know more about being an extra, go to the Hotline section of our website.

How can I be sure that I am dealing with a reputable talent agency?

Georgia does not have a licensing or regulating body for talent agencies, and as a state agency, this office cannot recommend one over another. We have a number of excellent talent agencies in our area. The lure of celebrity is sometimes overwhelming, however, and people with stars in their eyes can be subject to exploitation. Therefore, you should carefully consider your choices before signing with a talent agency. The Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Atlanta offers the following guidelines:

Determine if the company actually has jobs available or if it’s just a ploy to enroll you in a training course or to sell you photographs of yourself.

Contact potential employers to determine if there is a market and what skills are necessary to enter the market.

Determine whether the agency has an established reputation with creditable retailers, advertising agencies and other persons in organizations who would be knowledgeable in this area.

Check with the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Atlanta for factual information on any specific company about whom you need or desire pertinent data.

The State of Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs may also be able to help with some types of complaints regarding unfair or deceptive activities. The office is not able to assist with contract disputes.

How can I have my property used in the movies?

Our office contains a large photo library of locations from around the state. We send these photos out to specific productions based on their location needs. If you would like us to consider your property as a filming location, visit the List Your Property page on our website.

Where can I network with other Georgia media professionals?

There are several media networking groups in Georgia. Visit the web sites for Atlanta Film Festival and Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) for starters. Both sites offer bulletin boards where you can read and post messages with other local professionals, along with a calendar of events, workshops, etc.


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