Camera Ready Program FAQs

How knowledgeable is the Camera Ready liaison about my shoot’s requirements?

One of the goals of Camera Ready is to educate all participating municipalities on production basics. While certain counties have historically seen more production than others, all Camera Ready liaisons will do their best to assist you and provide local guidance. Should you need further assistance you are always welcome to contact us directly.

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Can Camera Ready help me with location scouting?

Your first step is typically through the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office (FMDE).  We have an extensive location photo library that our location specialists use to match Georgia locations with your project’s requirements.  Many of these photos come from our Camera Ready liaisons.

Once you’ve decided on a particular area, our Camera Ready liaisons can provide you with additional information about unique locations and resources in their communities, escort you on location scouts and serve as a liaison between your company and private property and business owners.

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Can Camera Ready help me identify local production resources?

Yes. Your Camera Ready liaison will have that information readily available to you upon request.

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Can Camera Ready help me find lodging in the community where I am filming?

Yes. Your Camera Ready liaison can provide you with a list of potential accommodations based upon your needs. They may also have information about special hotel discounts and deals available to the film and television industry.

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What about logistics, like parking, getting streets closed and traffic rerouted during filming?

Your Camera Ready liaison can provide you with contact information to the appropriate departments and authorities, as well as help you work with them to ensure that your needs are met.

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Will my liaison assist me with film permits?

Most filming in Georgia is permit-free, although some municipalities have shooting requirements and charge a nominal fee. Your Camera Ready contact will be happy to assist you with any filming guidelines or permits. Learn more about film permits in Georgia.

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What other local resources can Camera Ready help me with?

Camera Ready can provide you with a host of time and money saving information, including the following:

  • Contact information for any local production resources they might have, such as caterers, office space, equipment rental, props & wardrobe, etc.
  • Detailed information about locations
  • Lodging suggestions
  • Local maps
  • Nearby airports, hospitals and shopping centers
  • Local government contacts and any filming requirements.

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Is the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office (FMDE) involved with my project once I start working with a Camera Ready liaison?

Absolutely. You can think of Camera Ready as an extension of our office into the local community where you are shooting.  Some production needs and questions are best addressed on the local level, which is why this program was formed.  But we will remain involved with your project throughout your time in Georgia.

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Who is the Camera Ready liaison for my community of interest?

Please click the links at the bottom of this page for the Camera Ready liaison list and map of Camera Ready counties.

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