Visual Effects

Visual Effects (or Computer Generated Imagery) is the marriage of art and technology to support and enhance storytelling in Feature Films, Shorts, Animation, Stop-Motion, TV, Commercials, Music Videos as well as other industries looking for ways to augment their content, such as the military or health field.

It is the process by which imagery is fabricated and/or manipulated and then blended seamlessly with live-action footage to create a single shot or series of shots to build an entire scene.

The bulk of VFX work happens towards the end of a production schedule and continues after as part of post-production. However, based on the scope or requirements of a project, it can often start much earlier as part of pre-production in order to carefully choreograph and work in close partnership with the live-action shoot. This not only ensures the success of the final product, but can also provide invaluable information to the client, the film crew, the director and actors who may find themselves in need of guidance or parameters that do not physically exist.



Artifact Design – 888-0061
Artistic Image – 815-1550
Awesome Incorporated – 885-7102
Company 3 – 876-0333
Crafty Apes – 331-0951
ECG Productions – 855-5169
Eclipse Post – 541-9978
FilmTribe – 962-7014
Guillotine Post – 222-0522
Moonshine Post – 546-3056
Outback Editorial/VFX – 876-6665
Peachtree Media & Post – 481-5892
Plump Pixel – 822-3757
Primal Screen – 874-7200
Resolution Media & Entertainment – 688-3348
Superlux – 525-0700
Three squared, Inc. – 688-4333
Vision Digital Services – 202-4592
Wolff Bros Post – 881-0020

As the state of Georgia continues to blossom in the world of entertainment and emerging technology, we are in the midst of establishing a chapter to represent the contribution of industry colleagues located throughout this state. The hope is that by leveraging the platform of the VES, we can cultivate the growing representation of this workforce here.

The Visual Effects Society (VES) is a global professional honorary society and the entertainment industry’s only organization representing the full breadth of visual effects practitioners including artists, technologists, model makers, educators, studio executives, supervisors, PR/marketing specialists and producers.

VES’ over 3,400 members in more than 35 countries worldwide contribute to all areas of entertainment – Film, Television, Commercials, Animation, Special Venue, Games, Digital Media and VR.

We are currently in the midst of our Spring Membership Drive. The deadline for applications is March 15.

For more information about the VES:

To apply:


Asante Bradford


  • Georgia’s in a prime position to showcase leading virtual reality capabilities and compete both nationally and internationally. Our tech and creative communities in the state are inherently driven and focused on innovating. VR is a new, fertile ground to do just that – invent new VR and AR experiences and solutions that will transform our realities, both in the real world and in the virtual world.
    Chad Eikhoff, Founder, TRICK 3D
  • Show me another major U.S. city that has quick access to a large number of highly talented, creative people and a 30% tax break.
    Matt Thompson, Floyd County Productions
  • We were looking to expand to a place where we could do digital animation economically... We found that the Georgia incentives, combined with the OTJ (On-the-Job) training incentive, plus the local pool of creative talent, made Atlanta the right place.
    Brett Coker, COO, Bento Box Entertainment
  • I couldn't imagine building my mobile gaming studio anywhere other than Georgia. It has everything you could want - top tier colleges to recruit great talent, a bustling city and international airport, a thriving entertainment industry and it’s a fantastic community for me and my team to raise our families.
    Jeff Hilimire, CEO, Dragon Army
  • The state's commitment to supporting companies working in new areas such as Augmented Reality has enabled us transition our experience into the marketplace, through students and startups, and will help Georgia become recognized as a leader in this area.
    Blair MacIntyre, Georgia Institute of Technology Augmented Environments Lab
  • The state's entertainment incentives have supported our efforts to build an exceptional, Georgia-grown game development studio. We have relocated over a dozen experienced game industry professionals to Georgia and put them in mentoring positions with talented new graduates.
    Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios


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