HDCI Sector Partnerships

HDCI Sector Partnerships are designed to support the development of regional sector partnerships that will work to understand and act on the needs of key regional industries. These sector partnerships engage businesses and inform the educational and workforce development efforts at the regional level. These regional sector partnerships will further build an infrastructure of communication and collaboration between the public and private sectors throughout the state.

The HDCI Sector Partnership Guide below provides communities with the tools, resources, and processes needed to build effective industry–workforce development partnerships. The guide is based on lessons learned from the first two years of HDCI and case studies from around Georgia and across the United States. The guide is designed to serve as a desk reference. Participants can refer to the various sections as they develop and implement their sector partnerships. Sector partnerships, which are required by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), are a proven strategy to meet the workforce needs of key regional industries. For a more high-level overview of this work, please refer to the Executive Summary listed below.

HDCI Contact

If you have questions about HDCI or if you need assistance while completing the assessment, contact Jamie Jordan, the HDCI Program Manager, via email or at 404-962-4141.

More About Georgia Benefits

Georgia’s industry-specific Project Analysts are available to help you with a wide range of business needs:
  • Site and building services
  • Location data
  • Community contacts and facilitation
  • Cost environment analysis
  • Coordination with state agencies
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