What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a work-based training method that combines formal instruction with on-site, occupation-related training. Apprentices typically work 30-40 hours per week and receive classroom training through part-time attendance at technical colleges, universities or approved training providers.

Using the apprentice model can help businesses grow their own talent and build a motivated and qualified workforce. Employers use apprentice programs to recruit and train new employees and to upskill their current workforce.

Employer Benefits

  • Development of a customized apprenticeship program that attracts high caliber candidates who are seeking a nationally recognized credential and entry into a career path.
  • Assistance with completing Registered Apprenticeship application,  developing work standards and navigating the US Department of Labor registration process.
  • Connection to the Technical College System of Georgia  and other education/training partners who can provide occupation-related instruction.
  • Collaboration with apprenticeship consultant to generate strategic recruitment plan to target qualified candidates.
  • Potential access to state and federal funding resources, such as free or reduced training and apprentice education cost.

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