Disability Employment Initiative

The Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) is a USDOL grant designed to promote physical and programmatic access to job seekers with significant disabilities into Georgia’s workforce system. This grant provides assistance to job seekers that otherwise would have a difficult time accessing WIOA Title I services due to their need for higher level of service, coordination and support.

The DEI grant utilizes 6 strategies in order to promote this access:

  • Integrated Resource Teams (integration of service from other community providers)
  • Social Security Administration Ticket to Work Program (EN) (sustainability)
  • Customized Employment
  • Customized Training
  • Career Pathways
  • Partnership & Collaboration

By the end of the two-year grant period, the DEI grant is expected to serve a total of 215 job seekers in Northeast Georgia and in the Central Savannah River Area. This grant is designed to support those with significant disabilities on their journey to sustainable employment.

For more information about the Disability Employment Initiative, contact Rossany Rios, Disability Employment Initiative Lead, at rrios@georgia.org or 404-962-4928.

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