State Workforce Development Board

The State Workforce Development Board (SWDB), appointed by the Governor, is tasked with administering Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds across the state and overseeing the Governor’s state workforce development initiatives.  Their guidance is essential to sustaining Georgia’s competitive advantage nationwide in terms of workforce. The SWDB is comprised of business owners, members of the Georgia General Assembly, statewide agency heads, local elected officials, and representatives from other workforce groups.

Business Representatives
anderson_brian vierra joe-vogt-2
Brian Anderson Karen Viera Jack Perrett Joe Vogt
mel-stowers-bio-picture todd_henry wendell-dallas-bio-picture ivan-figueroa-bio-picture
Mel Stowers Todd Henry Wendell Dallas, Jr. Ivan Figueroa
fred-taylor-head-shot-photo ann-cramer-1004
Theresa Fisher Brenda Haught Fred Taylor Ann Cramer
doug-duncan-bio-picture lenn-chandler mark-h-wilson-bio-picture jbeeland003
Doug Duncan Lenn Chandler Mark Wilson Jeana Beeland
linda-owens-headshot joseph-marks-bio-picture eric-newberg-bio-picture dell-keith-bio-picture
Linda Owens Joe Marks Eric Newberg Dell Keith
Cade Joiner
Elected Officials
ames-headshot-formal chairmanphoto-bio buddy-harden-bio-picture senator-frank-ginn-bio-picture
Ames Barnett Melvin Davis Buddy Harden Frank Ginn
Workforce Representation
mike-beatty-bio-picture richard-ray-bio-picture keith-2015-_o chucklittle3
Mike Beatty Richard Ray Keith Thomas Chuck Little
wilburn-james tom-cook-bio-picture chris-hobby-bio-picture
James Wilburn Tom Cook Christopher Hobby
Agency Heads
nathan-deal-bio-picture camila-knowles-bio-picture butler-mark-headshot pw
Nathan Deal Camila Knowles Mark Butler Pat Wilson
ps_tcsg_150629_0131m-gkc-full-seated-lg greg-pic gdvs-dan-holtz-15-05-29 avery_niles_color-headshot-08-2016
Gretchen Corbin  Greg Schmieg Dan Holtz Avery Niles
 Robyn A. Crittenden

The State Workforce Development Board will have their quarterly meeting on August 24, 2017 from (TBA).

Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center
2 Tenth Street, Augusta, GA 30901



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