Georgia’s business strengths and assets come from Fortune 500 executives and third-party experts in a wide range of industries and sectors. Testimonials from business leaders are more than endorsements - they comprise a body of evidence that certifies Georgia speaks business.



Alan Dabbiere, Chairman

“We need a place where we can recruit and retain and get the greatest intellectual capital in the world and we find that here in Georgia.”


Baxter International Inc.

Bob Parkinson, CEO

“We look forward to doing business in an area distinguished by its talent pool and outstanding infrastructure.”


General Motors

Micky Bly, Vice President
Europe Powertrain

“We see Georgia, the university structure here, the employees, the people that live here as a huge benefit to General Motors.”


Home Depot

Mark Holifield, Supply Chain SVP


“Georgia is our home state and very important to us. The port of Savannah is very strategic for the state of Georgia and very strategic for the Home Depot. About twenty percent of our imports … enter through the … port of Savannah.”


Kia Motors

Corinne Hodges, Public Relations Manager

“By choosing West Georgia, Kia was able to take advantage of proximity to its future suppliers while benefiting from a solid infrastructure.”


Lauri Jo’s Southern Style Canning

Lauri Jo Bennet, Owner


“Everybody from the Governor to the Lieutenant Governor to the AG Commissioner, they are all about helping small businesses grow.”


Manhattan Associates

Eddie Capel, CEO

“An incredible collection of logistic assets … really set Georgia apart when it comes to competing for business.”



Bill Nuti, Chairman and CEO

“Our new corporate headquarters, conceived and realized to promote innovation and collaboration, opening here in Georgia today, positions NCR for a very bright future. It will help us to secure and extend our competitive edge, drive growth and enhance the service we provide to our customers.”


Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America

Tom Gebhardt, President


“What’s unique really about the whole Georgia environment, workforce and info-structure is the collaboration has been tremendous.”


Porsche Cars North America, Inc

Bernhard Maier, Executive Board of Management

“It was on the one hand the brilliant support we’ve got from the State of Georgia and the City of Atlanta. That, second and I would say equal important that we can stick on our very proud and very experienced workforce we have here in Atlanta.”


UPS Supply Chain Solutions

David Quintilio, VP of Operations

“In order to maintain our more than 1,000 licenses, we work with multiple state, national and international agencies. Georgia has been very flexible and is most certainly a good place to do business.”


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