Tourism team’s creativity builds on Pasaquan’s restoration

The relationship between Georgia Tourism, Marion County and Pasaquan has been phenomenal for our small community and region. Their ability to pull together individuals and other resources to assist with each phase of this process has been unprecedented. They not only understand the overall effect that Pasaquan will have on the region and the state, but they also understand our unique community and show us potential that we never saw.

-Deborah H. Ford, President
Marion County, Georgia, Chamber of Commerce


    • Access to government partners and resources
    • Reaching 14 million visitors per year
    • Ensure high consumer and business traffic by positioning themselves at the crossroads of north-south and east-west travel in North America



The Tourism Product Development Team utilizes a team of experts to understand community dynamics, politics and obstacles to tourism development. The team then presents a master plan recommending how the community organize tourism efforts, develop downtown businesses and lodging options, and market the community’s assets to travelers.

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