King of Pops: The Power of the Georgia Community

“I felt connected to Atlanta because it’s a place where you can easily get involved and make a mark. We’re able to source from local farms and stores, provide fresh ingredients and have a tremendous support from the community.”

– Steven Carse, Co-Founder, King of Pops

In the mid-2000s, brothers Steven and Nick Carse often enjoyed summers with their eldest brother, an anthropologist, in South America. They loved eating paletas, Latin American ice pops, and dreamed of bringing the fresh-fruit creations back home to share.

In 2010, Steven made the move to do just that and began experimenting with a variety of techniques and recipes. In 2010, King of Pops opened its first location at a convenience store in Atlanta. Today, their signature push carts can be found handing out popsicles in Athens, Greenville, Charleston, Charlotte, Richmond and Nashville. Steven attributes their success to the Atlanta community’s interest in local business and the ease of sourcing fresh ingredients directly from Georgia farms.

In 2016, King of Pops sold 2 million popsicles and reached $5 million in sales.


  • Georgia’s strong agricultural ecosystem allows the business to source ingredients directly from Georgia farms and stores.
  • Support from the local community in expanding business to new markets.


  • Named one of the South’s Best Frozen Treats, Southern Living, 2016
  • Reader’s Pick “Best Local Food Company”, Creative Loafing, 2016
  • Best Free Class for “King of Pops Yoga”, Atlanta Magazine, 2016
  • Civic Impact Award, Center for Civic Innovation, 2015
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