Kia Builds Its Future with the State of Georgia

“Every state has a workforce training program, but Georgia’s Quick Start program goes beyond simply providing monetary resources. Georgia has been a true long-term partner in developing a qualified and efficient workforce for Kia.”

- Randy Jackson, Chief Administrative Officer, Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia (KMMG)


  • Proximity to suppliers
  • Ease of access to distribution network
  • Business friendly environment
  • Strong alliances


  • Customized training at no cost through Georgia’s best-in-the- nation Quick Start training program
  • Mega Job Tax Credit ranging from $3-$5,000/job/year
  • Department of Transportation construction totaling $80.7 Million
  • No sales tax on production equipment
  • No sales tax on energy use and production
  • Construction of railroad spurs and staging sites
  • Initial support with advertising, marketing and public relations
  • Dedicated local and international economic development team


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