Guided Systems Technologies Seeds the Future for UAS

“The Georgia Centers of Innovation for both Aerospace and Agribusiness were vital in establishing the research program that fostered our understanding of UAS applications for a whole new market—agriculture.”

– Eric Corban, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Guided Systems Technologies


  • Industry experience staff that provides expertise, and connects businesses to new technologies, research, business partners and industry trends
  • Collaboration of leaders from academia, business and government


  • Alliance with Middle Georgia State College (MGSC) who acquired the COA from the FAA allowing the UAS to fly in the National Airspace.
  • Partnerships with MGSC researchers for the safe and effective UAS operations during the research project.
  • Agronomists from the University of Georgia and research crops planted to study the crop management plan, crop inspection and farmer-relevant analysis.
  • Sunbelt Ag Expo provided the access to fields for the testing of peanut and cotton crops provided by the Georgia Peanut and Cotton Commissions.



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