Greenway Health thrives within Georgia’s HIT ecosystem

“We have a healthcare ecosystem here that continues to be the catalyst for the organic and attracted growth that has positioned Georgia as the Health IT Capital of America – and the world.”

- Justin T. Barnes, VP Industry & Government Affairs, Greenway Health


  • Vibrant HIT community
  • Excellent higher education system
  • Quick Start workforce training program
  • Tax-friendly environment and generous incentives
  • Quality of life


Greenway Health works closely with local colleges and universities such as the University of West Georgia, the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Georgia, Southern Polytechnic State University, West Georgia Technical College and others to bolster its workforce development structure, often hiring students who have participated in Greenway Health’s established internship program. Greenway Health also took advantage of Quick Start, which  fueled what will most likely become the company’s largest team; what started as a group with 20 to 30 employees has since grown to employ 130.

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