Generation Orbit’s Reach for the Stars Aided by COI for Aerospace

“Working with the Center of Innovation for Aerospace has been an invaluable experience. They guided and connected us to resources that, as a young aerospace company, we greatly needed. They continue to be an incredible resource, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without their services.”

– A.J. Piplica, COO, Generation Orbit


  • Technical industry expertise, collaborative research and partnerships
  • Collaboration of leaders from academia, business and government to assist in the commercialization of new products, processes and business models


  • Introduction to Georgia-based Phoenix Air for the use of an aircraft and ground operations for flight-testing
  • A connection with researchers at Mercer University’s Mercer Engineering Research Center for structural testing and Middle Georgia State College’s Applied Aerospace Research Institute for fabrication of composite components
  • With a recommendation letter from the Center, Generation Orbit was awarded a $2.1M NASA NEXT contract for the first launch of GOLauncher 2



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