A Collaborative and Fast Start Defines Engineered Floors’ Mega Project

Due to our product’s success in the field, we had a need to rapidly expand our production capacity. This was a business opportunity that fit in with our corporate interests to support the north Georgia community. The speed, cooperation and efficiency that the Georgia Department of Economic Development brought to the process only confirmed what we were already determined to do.
– James Lesslie, Assistant to the Chairman, Engineered Floors


  • Training assistance at no cost through the Georgia Quick Start program – the nation’s top-ranked workforce training program.
  • A workforce pool of technically qualified candidates from the flooring industry in the area.
  • Georgia supplies over 90 percent of the United States’ carpet market, and 54 percent of the United States’ carpet exports.


  • With the tireless help of the entire GDEcD organization, Engineered Floors was able to determine a Mega Project Tax Credit
  • Exemption of sales tax on energy in the manufacturing process







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