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Welcome to the Small Business Office Procurement page where you will find answers to the most frequestly asked questions regarding small business and the procurement process in Georgia.

How do I become a vender and what resources are available to small and minority business enterprises, disadvantaged business enterprises or women business enterprises?
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How can I market my business to state government?
You may also contact the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) Vendor Relations Administrator at 404-657-6000.
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How can I market my business to the federal government?
For assistance with any procurement efforts that may be local, state or federal, visit the Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center.
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Do I need to register my company with the state of Georgia even if I am not a vendor?
Depending upon your legal structure (incorporation, LLC, S, etc.), you will have to register with the state.
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How do I learn about who received an award?
Competitive opportunities awarded to companies, award amount and complete specifications are posted on the DOAS State Purchasing Web site.
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How can I obtain a list of minority registered vendors in the state of Georgia?
Find a complete list of minority registered vendors is available from the Vendor Registration System. Click on the category for Agencies, and use the search feature to locate the registered vendors.
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Do you offer a seminar or class which informs the public on how to conduct business with state government?
New Vendor Orientation features information on how to register, certify and market your business to state government. These seminars are held at 200 Piedmont Avenue, Suite 1816 in the West Tower and are held monthly.
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What is the Tax Incentive Program and how does it work?
Georgia law gives an incentive to companies to hire certified minority subcontractors by giving them a tax break – 10% of payments up to $100,000. Please contact the Georgia Department of Revenue at 404-417-2399 for additional information.

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