2016 International Trade Numbers

Georgia’s global access helps companies remain globally competitive, and the state continues to be a leader in international trade. In 2016, total trade between Georgia and the world exceeded $121 billion, spanning 223 unique countries and territories. Total trade has grown 45% since 2008.

Georgia’s international presence in 11 strategic markets – Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Europe, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the United Kingdom and Ireland – plays an important role in global trade, with 78% of the state’s total trade and 67% of exports involving markets where Georgia has representation. Georgia remains the 7th largest importing state and 11th largest exporting state in the nation.

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Export Highlights

More than 14,500 businesses in Georgia are involved in exporting. In 2016, Georgia exports exceeded $35.5 billion, an increase of 52% in the past decade. Georgia’s export markets remain highly diversified, covering 214 countries and territories in 2016.

Export Map


Total Trade Highlights

Georgia maintained its rank of 9th in the U.S. for total trade in 2016. Georgia has international representation in 9 of the top 10 trading markets, accounting for 78% of Georgia’s total trade.

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Import Highlights

During 2016, Georgia companies imported $86.2 billion in goods. Since 2014, Georgia has maintained its rank as the 7th largest import state, based on dollar value of imports. Georgia’s top 10 import markets accounted for 74% of total imports in 2016. The largest increase in imports over the past 5 years has come from the United Kingdom, which has grown by 90%, followed by India (70%), Italy (43%) and Mexico (42%).

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