Georgia Research Alliance

The Georgia Research Alliance enables major scientific discoveries that tackle some of the world’s greatest scientific challenges. Generating $2.6 billion in new investment, Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) programs have achieved dozens of scientific breakthroughs, created more than 200 new companies and yielded more than 5,700 new science and technology jobs.

By recruiting world-class scientific talent through the Eminent Scholars® program, developing sophisticated research infrastructure that expands research capacity at Georgia universities, and commercializing research and development programs, the Georgia Research Alliance helps companies accelerate the transformation of ideas into profitable business, while creating new high-value companies and high-wage jobs.

The heart of the Georgia Research Alliance is the nationally-recognized Eminent Scholars® program. These renowned scientists lead groundbreaking R&D programs that help Georgia companies change the world. To date, the Eminent Scholars program has recruited more than 60 of the world’s best scientists in diverse fields including vaccine development, molecular biotechnology, neuroscience, immunology, drug discovery, medical imaging, animal health, bioenergy and biomedical engineering.

These Eminent Scholars are among the brightest minds in their disciplines and often bring with them research teams, significant federal funding and private support for their research.
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VentureLab is GRA’s signature technology commercialization program, which seeks out research innovations at partner universities, assesses their commercial potential, and provides resources to address the management, market and technology risks associated with new ventures. Each participating university - Georgia Tech, Emory, the University of Georgia, Georgia State University and Georgia Health Sciences University - has an active technology incubator with which VentureLab can partner.
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