Industry Data

Relevant industry reports for Manufacturers in Georgia.

  1. Georgia Manufacturers Directory
    Powered by InSite, this directory provides information on Georgia’s manufacturing community.
  2. Georgia Purchasing Manager Index
    The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) is a monthly report put together by Kennesaw State University that outlines the trends and activity of new orders, production, employment, deliveries, purchased materials, finished goods, and commodity prices for the manufacturing sector of a particular state or geographical region.
  3. Georgia Manufacturing Survey
    The Georgia Manufacturing Survey (GMS) is a statewide study conducted every two to three years by Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute and the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy to assess the business and technological conditions of Georgia’s manufacturers.
  4. On-shoring Data
    The Reshoring Initiative, an organization committed to helping manufacturers recognize the profit potential of domestic sourcing and production, has published its “Top Reshoring Cases” infographic that illustrates the U.S. manufacturing advantages driving reshoring.  
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