About the Center

The Georgia Center of Innovation for Manufacturing is the state’s key resource for providing expertise, connections and innovative solutions to help Georgia’s manufacturing industry grow, prosper and compete globally.  Focused in the areas of factory information systems, automation and advanced modeling, and the automotive, floor covering, metal fabrication and other industries, the Center has access to the leading experts in these fields and can provide your business with the right partner for high-growth potential.

Georgia’s Robust Manufacturing Industry

Georgia’s manufacturing industry employs more than 480,000 and accounts for 92 percent of the state’s exports. Major industry powerhouses like Kia Motors, Gulfstream Aerospace, and Caterpillar call Georgia home and the state’s logistics infrastructure positions it ahead of nearly every state in the union. With the nation’s number one workforce training program, Quick Start, a geographically diverse Technical College System of Georgia, and competitive engineering programs led by the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia’s manufacturing industry will continue to lead the way for years to come.

Transform Your Business With Our Signature Services

  • Providing our focused, deep technical industry expertise to resolve challenges
  • Direct connection to key academic, business and government resources.
  • Advising and facilitating new product commercialization assistance
  • Assisting with ground-breaking research and collaborations

Factory Information Systems

A key to modern manufacturing is the ability for equipment to communicate with each other, and to their operators. The Center of Innovation for Manufacturing through its partnership with the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute has access to
leading researchers who help companies improve their factory information systems. The Center is actively involved in emerging sensor technology and is working with numerous companies to explore its potential use in a variety of applications.

From Concept To Commercialization – Modeling,
Prototyping, & Automation

Whether a start-up or well-established company, the Center helps businesses commercialize products through advanced modeling, prototyping, and automation services. The Center also helps businesses analyze the use of new technologies like additive manufacturing and helps them find optimal solutions for growth.

Automotive, Floor Covering, Metal Fabrication

The Southeastern United States has become the preferred choice of automotive original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers, growing from 25 percent of the industry to more than 33 percent in just 10 years. Likewise, Georgia is at the center of the world’s floor covering industry with 72 percent of the U.S.’s carpet and rug mill manufacturing jobs. Georgia also ranks in the Top 20 U.S. states for employment and value-added metal fabrication. With such heavy strengths in these industry sectors, the Center provides the necessary support to help these industries remain strong in Georgia.



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