Management Team

The Center’s professional staff has a combined 55+ years of experience in business and government, bringing decades of experience in solving real-world logistics challenges and understanding trends to capture opportunities.

  • Jannine Miller


    Jannine Miller is the Director of the Center of Innovation for Logistics, designing the Center’s strategy and managing execution of all activities to support cargo-owning companies deploy Georgia’s logistics ecosystem for their success.  With nearly 15 years in analytics, policy, finance, and management in state government and private sector, Ms. Miller brings a unique set of experience and knowledge to assisting Georgia companies improve their supply chains.  She holds Master’s degrees in Public Administration from Georgia State University and Business Administration from Georgia Institute of Technology, and she serves on the Board of the Georgia Foreign Trade Zone.

  • Sandy Lake, CSCP

    Associate Director

    Sandy Lake is the Associate Director for the Center of Innovation for Logistics. Sandy leads the Center’s effort to connect the industry with Georgia’s logistics technology experts who can assist companies with determining where to invest in and deploy technology to strategically enhance their competitiveness.   She also focuses on developing key relationships with logistics education and research partners to advance workforce competitiveness and innovation and leads the Georgia Logistics Workforce Alliance that enables companies to easily connect with the right resources for attracting and retaining the talent they need for advancing the industry.

    Sandy is a Certified Supply Chain Professional and currently serves on advisory boards for the Technology Association of Georgia’s Supply Chain and Logistics Society and Clayton State’s Supply Chain Council.   

  • Emily Butler

    Industry Coordinator

    Emily Butler is the Industry Coordinator for the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics and is based in the Center’s Savannah office.  As Industry Coordinator, Emily manages industry connections and serves as the interface for a wide range of projects, including several with the Georgia Ports Authority. She also manages the Center’s research tools and is responsible for compiling data for the monthly Logistics Market Snapshot and Regional Facts Sheets, as well as providing freight rate analysis.

    Prior to joining the Center, Emily worked with Total Quality Logistics for five years where she managed a wide book of business and worked with customers and carriers on a daily basis, negotiating services, needs, and costs.  Emily graduated from Miami University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business.

  • Jane Jordan

    Administrative Coordinator

    Jane Jordan is the Administrative Coordinator for the Center of Innovation for Logistics. Mrs. Jordan has a well-rounded 30+ year career having previously worked at the Georgia Ports Authority, in banking management, and in a law and property management firm.  Jane manages the administrative activities of the Center, including customer service, scheduling, and procurement.

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