Logistics Technology

Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability in Modern Supply Chains

logistics-technologyTechnology infrastructure is just as important as transportation and distribution infrastructure for moving and managing inventory. Georgia is home to more than 75 supply chain and logistics related technology companies’ headquarters or major operations.

The Center understands how vital technology is for planning, operating, and improving supply chain efficiency and reliability.  The Center staff engages with a variety of logistics technology experts to assist companies with determining where to invest and deploy technology to enhance their logistics and improve their competitiveness in the national and global marketplace.


  • Provides education opportunities through the annual Georgia Logistics Summit and partnerships with relevant groups to increase the awareness and understanding of technology trends impacting the industry
  • Hosts workshops for learning best practices and available technology solutions for a deeper dive within a specific area of focus
  • Assists cargo-owning businesses with learning about and deploying the technology solutions best-suited for their operations
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