Logistics Support for Shippers

Providing Leading Industry Expertise

logistics-supportRanked #1 in 2015 for Supply Chain and Logistics hubs by Area Development Magazine, Georgia is home to efficient and reliable logistics that businesses need to succeed in today’s global marketplace. In fact, more than three-fourths of companies who choose to expand or relocate to Georgia rely on the state’s world-class logistics.

The Center understands cargo-owning companies’ demands for transportation and distribution options, and we collaborate with these companies to harness Georgia’s unparalleled multi-modal infrastructure and logistics service providers.


Center staff provides company-specific analysis

  • Comparison of sites’ logistic benefits
  • Lane and route evaluations and recommendation of optimal mode choices
  • Truck and rail rate estimates
  • Review of ocean services available and pricing estimates to certain global markets
  • Basic assessment of logistics technology needs

Center staff facilitates connections to logistics providers best suited to support your company’s specific supply chain needs

  • Transportation providers in trucking and rail, ocean transport rates and services, and Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers
  • Evaluation and recommendation of logistics efficiencies and supply chain design
  • Warehouse and distribution center design and function
  • Logistics technology application options and benefits

Center staff produces relevant and useful logistics information

  • Monthly and annual market snapshots of more than 50 logistics market indicators
  • Logistics Provider Directory, searchable by services types, specialties, geographies and more
  • Logistics Fact Sheet detailing logistics offerings for each of Georgia’s 12 regions
  • The annual Georgia Logistics Summit and the Savannah Logistics Lunch, with timely perspectives and best-practice sharing among our state’s logistics leaders in the private and public sectors
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