About the Center

The Center of Innovation for Logistics facilitates innovative logistics solutions that leverage Georgia’s superior business climate and enhance cargo-owing companies’ competitiveness.

Exclusive to Georgia, the Center collaborates with companies that currently ship to or from Georgia, as well as those looking to locate in Georgia to deploy the world’s best multi-modal logistics for supply chain success.

With targeted efforts to engage its unique position in state government with partnerships in the logistics industry, the Center provides impactful forums for companies to network, address industry issues, and share knowledge.

The Center of Innovation for Logistics helps companies in three main ways:

  • Improves inbound and outbound logistics for Georgia’s cargo-owning companies while decreasing logistics-related costs, by evaluating Georgia’s logistics options for shippers, connecting shippers to Georgia’s logistics providers, and informing businesses about logistics trends and data-driven projections.
  • Supports Logistics Workforce Development for Georgia Companies by fostering collaboration between Georgia’s logistics employers and the State’s resources for training and education.
  • Enhances Logistics Technology deployment by collaborating on emerging logistics technology solutions, supporting knowledge and experience transfer for Georgia shippers on current practices in logistics technology, and connecting shippers to Georgia companies that develop and/or provide the latest in proven logistics technology solutions.



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