Energy Generation

Creating Viable Sources of Renewable Energy

Energy-GenerationIn a changing world where energy resources are becoming more scarce, alternative sources of energy become more important. The Center of Innovation for Energy Technology focuses on identifying and supporting the technologies that utilize local resources such as biomass, solar and waste (agricultural, industrial and consumer). Through their efforts, Georgia is now among the leading states in biomass production and solar energy generation.

Another promising renewable energy source comes from waste-to-energy conversion. These technologies will provide Georgia communities with the ability to turn existing waste, both organic and inorganic, into products that can be converted into the energy needed to power their lives.

In addition to creating viable sources of renewable energy, waste-to-energy technologies solve future landfill environmental problems, could offer reduced fuel costs for both the public and private sectors, and create jobs in a new and rapidly growing energy industry.

How the Center of Innovation for Energy Technology Helps Business

  • The Center works closely with the University System to offer access to cutting edge energy research partnerships.
  • Connections for virtually every business need, from strategic locations to raw materials for energy conversion.

Visualizing Georgia’s Energy Data

Georgia Energy Data – Solar energy infrastructure, electric power plants, wind installations. Search for source, capacity, plant name, plant owner/operator and more by various geographies including county and political districts.

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