About the Center

The Center of Innovation for Energy Technology is the state’s key resource to create, connect and grow Georgia’s energy ecosystem, where business, academia and government collaborate to build the energy technologies of the future. The Center accelerates the development of new products, ideas and business models in the energy industry to help the state maintain a leadership position in the fields of energy generation, transmission, distribution, storage and consumption.


To grow and sustain the state’s energy ecosystem, the Center actively works to improve the state’s image as a hot bed of Energy Technology and position the state among the leaders in the energy industry. The Center actively works with statewide and regional economic development partners to help shape the future of Georgia’s Energy Industry.


To expand the state’s energy industry, the Center actively connects companies with complementary technologies and grows the number of research and development relationships between new and existing businesses and the state’s university system.


The Center continually identifies opportunities for new investment in the Energy and Sustainability sectors and works with regional and statewide economic development partners to attract new investment.



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