Food Processing

Food processing is one of Georgia’s largest industry clusters. Thirty-eight of the country’s top 100 food processing companies have operations in Georgia including major brands like Kellogg, King Hawaiian, Hostess, The Coca-Cola Company, General Mills, Pillsbury, and Tyson Foods. The Center of Innovation for Agribusiness supports Georgia food processors by providing the right contacts and connections to help their businesses grow. If you’re looking to start a new food business, the Center is the go-to place to begin your journey to a successful business.


The Georgia Farmers Market Guide and Toolkit

Exclusively created by the Center of Innovation for Agribusiness, the Farmers Market Guide is the go-to resource to starting, participating or shopping at your local Farmers Market.




Food Safety Guidelines

Allergies and Food Safety
Additional Regulations for Food Processing Plants
Basic Regulatory Requirements for Manufactured Food Firms
Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Pest Control
Food Labels
Food Processing Innovation and Commercialization Program
Georgia Department of Agriculture Food Safety License Form
Georgia Department of Agriculture Food Safety Division
Georgia Department of Agriculture Food Safety Division Contacts
Guidelines for Food Processing Safety
Guidelines for Honey Processors
Nutrition Labeling
Quality Control
EFS Product Classification Form
What’s on the Label
UGA Nutrition Facts Panel Ordering
UGA Process Approval for Acid or Acidified Food Products

Cottage Food Guidelines

Cottage Food FAQs
Cottage Food Regulations
Food Products Sold at Events Sponsored by Non-Profits Guidelines
Food Product Dating
Getting Started in the Food Specialty Business
Hand Washing Sign
Starting a Cottage Food business
Starting a Food Business

Co-Packers in Georgia

Choosing and using a Co-packer
Georgia Co-packers and Commercial Kitchens
Guidelines for Community Kitchen Managers
Guidelines for Community Kitchens

Georgia Department of Economic Development

Food Processing

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