food-procFood Processing
More than 100 food processing companies have opened or expanded operations in Georgia in the past eight years. Along with the major food processing players, Georgia has seen a tremendous growth in the cottage food industry with over 200 applications approved by the Georgia Department of Agriculture since 2012.

georgia-grownGeorgia Grown
Georgia Grown is a program created by the Georgia Department of Agriculture that seeks to create desire, and increase demand for Georgia’s products.

Georgia agribusinesses can access new markets at home and abroad through connections made by the Center of Innovation for Agribusiness. Georgia has a number of exporting resources that will help your company grow internationally.

Logistics Reports Flavor of Georgia Finalists
Flavor of Georgia showcases delicious, innovative, and market-ready food products. The Georgia Center of Innovation for Agribusiness has supported dozens of Flavor of Georgia Winners and Finalists. Click here to see the full list.

educational-resourcesHow Georgia Is Paving the Path for the Food Industry
From food giants like Coca-Cola to smaller companies like Verdant Kitchen with a niche focus on local produce, the food industry has thrived in Georgia due to the support and resources offered by the state.

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