Precision Agriculture Technologies

Maximizing Yields through Innovation


Agricultural producers are constantly challenged to maximize yields while minimizing resources. Precision agricultural innovations continue to identify new methods by which producers can make timely and accurate decisions in order to cut input costs.

From unmanned aerial vehicles flying over a cotton field to detect insect damage or a smartphone water monitoring app, farmers are quick to try and adopt the latest in precision technology.

Having a close connection to the state’s universities, the Center helps businesses identify appropriate partners to advance new agricultural technology and launch it into the marketplace.

How the Center of Innovation for Agribusiness Helps Business

  • Identifies new technologies or commercial products that can assist farmers in their decision making and reduce input cost.
  • Serve as industry experts in precision agriculture capabilities, understanding the latest in industry trends and ongoing research trials.



Guided Systems Technologies | Stockbridge, Georgia

As a company, Guided Systems Technologies develops turnkey, fully autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles primarily for military applications. In order to test their system on a new industry, agriculture, Guided Systems turned to the Center of Innovation for Agribusiness and the Center of Innovation for Aerospace who connected them with researchers and other partners.

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