Food Product Development

lauri-josWith the growing trend towards “locally grown” and artisanal foods, there are now many examples of local food brands reaching regional and even international distribution.

From Georgia’s emerging small food processing industry, to the numerous agritourism sites across the state, the Center links businesses to partners that help food entrepreneurs start, grow or expand their operations.

With access to powerful marketing tools like the Georgia Grown program and an increased partnership with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, the Center is able to supply businesses with additional marketing resources designed to keep agriculture as the number one industry in the state.


  • The Center serves as industry experts in the development and commercialization of cottage food products.
  • Provides knowledge and expertise on the latest in food regulatory requirements at the state and federal level.
  • Enhances relationships with food manufacturers, processors, distributors and retailers in order to help businesses gain market access and find proper connections.




Proper Pepper Cheese Pic

Proper Pepper | Sandersville

Starting any business can be tricky, but starting a food business comes with its own set of challenges. With no prior experience in the food business, Deanna Bibb turned to the Center of Innovation for Agribusiness to grow her business from scratch to more than 35 retail outlets currently. 





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