About the Center

The Center of Innovation for Agribusiness provides the technical industry expertise, collaborative research and partnerships to help the industry connect, compete and grow globally.

As Georgia’s leading industry, agribusiness represents more than $75 billion in total economic impact and employs more than 375,000. Georgia leads the nation in the production of poultry-related products, pecans, peanuts and blueberries and is home to two agricultural research universities in Fort Valley State University and the University of Georgia. Major agricultural equipment manufacturers have operations in Georgia and the state has benefited greatly from a robust agritourism market. With focus areas in emerging and novel crops, food business development, and precision agriculture, the Center supports Georgia’s agriculture industry and enables companies to access high-growth opportunities for increased success.

The Future of Farming – Precision Agriculture Technologies

Precision agriculture has revolutionized crop production allowing farmers to maximize their outputs while minimizing their inputs. From the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles for crop imaging to ground vehicles used for harvesting and planting, the Center is at the forefront of emerging technology and connects Georgia businesses to the various resources found within the state. Having a close connection to many of the state’s universities, the Center also helps businesses identify appropriate partners to advance new agricultural technology and launch it into the marketplace.

Adding Value – Food Business Development

From Georgia’s emerging cottage foods industry, to the numerous agritourism sites across the state,the Center links businesses to partners that help agriculture producers start, grow or expand their operations. With the reintroduction of the Georgia Grown initiative and increased partnership with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, the Center is able to supply businesses with additional marketing resources designed to keep agriculture as the number one industry in the state.

A Mix of Old and New –  Emerging/Novel Crops

While Georgia leads the way in the production of poultry-related products, blueberries, peanuts, and pecans, a new breed of crops are beginning to take root in Georgia soil. From the natural sweetener stevia, to canola, garlic, and ginger, Georgia is easily becoming a state that has diverse agricultural assets. As the leading resource for the industry, the Center works with local producers on testing these crops for productive yields and provides the missing link to Georgia’s agricultural research institutions for further development.



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