Tourism Contacts

Kevin Langston Deputy Commissioner 404-962-4083 e-mail
Nija Torrence Operations Manager 404-962-4083 e-mail
Jeff Farr Budget Manager 404-962-4077 e-mail
Nerissa Serrano-Okiye Director of Research 404-962-4087 e-mail
Beda Johnson Division Director for Outreach 404-962-4063 e-mail
Fax: 404-962-4093
International Sales
Beda Johnson Interim Director 404-962-4063 e-mail
Stella Xu Sales Manager, China 404-962-4081 e-mail
Wolfgang Streitbörger Managing Director
(Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
Peter Hannaford Managing Director
(United Kingdom & Ireland)
+44-1342-323-656 e-mail
Priti Shah Domestic Tourism Business Development Manager 404-962-4175 e-mail
Fax: 404-962-4093
Visitor Information Center
Brittney Gray Director 404-962-4084 e-mail
Fax: 404-962-4093
Product Development
Bruce Green Director 404-962-4092 e-mail
Cindy Eidson Assistant Director 404-962-4844 e-mail
Barry Brown Heritage Tourism Specialist 404-962-4174 e-mail
Fax: 404-962-4093
New Media
Lindsay Isaacs Content Manager 404-962-4835 e-mail
Lauren Cleland Communications Specialist, New Media 404-962-4107 e-mail
Fax: 404-962-4093
Regional Representative Program
Janet Cochran Historic High Country
(Tunnel Hill)
706-516-0287 e-mail
Chris Cannon Presidential Pathways (Columbus) 404-693-0757 e-mail
Lori Wiggins Hennesy Magnolia Midlands (Douglas) 912-389-4821 e-mail
Rebekah Cline Historic Heartland (Milledgeville) 478-453-1507 e-mail
Mandy Barnhart Classic South
(Union Point)
706-484-2952 e-mail
Amanda Peacock Plantation Trace
912-550-3395 e-mail
Cheryl Smith Northeast Mountains (Gainesville) 770-535-5757 e-mail
Fax: 404-962-4093

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To get help expanding or relocating a business in Georgia, contact the Georgia Department of Economic Development or call 404.962.4000.

More About Georgia Benefits

Georgia’s industry-specific Project Analysts are available to help you with a wide range of business needs:
  • Site and building services
  • Location data
  • Community contacts and facilitation
  • Cost environment analysis
  • Coordination with state agencies

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