Randall Hatcher

Since graduating from the University of Georgia in 1978, Randy Hatcher has worked for MAU Workforce Solutions, a family-owned business founded by his father, William G. Hatcher Sr. When Randy joined the company, MAU had just seven full-time employees working at customer locations in Augusta, Georgia. Today, MAU’s reach extends internationally, and it is one of the largest independently owned staffing firms in North America.

Randy has learned many lessons on his life journey. He has come to recognize that companies of the future will survive and flourish through their partnerships, and if businesses do not continue to reinvent themselves; they will fail or be commoditized. Most important to him is the value of operating a business under Godly principles.

Randy currently belongs to the World Presidents’ Organization (WPO) and the Chief Executives’ Organization (CEO). He serves on various boards, including: World President’s Organization, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, and the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce.

His passions include influencing behavior to encourage positive outcomes. In the business world, this aspiration has manifested itself through his pioneering roles in the human resource, staffing and outsourcing industries, as well as through his many interactions with business leaders, whether one-on-one or in group settings. On the personal side, he enjoys teaching and stretching the minds of others to more deeply consider the tenets of the Christian faith.

Randy lives in Augusta, Georgia, with his wife, Marilee, and they have three grown children, Adam, Baker and Anne Randall, and two grandsons who he hopes will one day represent the fourth generation of leadership at MAU.

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