A Taste of Georgia in Germany

Last week, representatives from the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s International Trade Division traveled to Germany to exhibit at the world’s largest trade fair for the global food and beverage industry. ANUGA brings together food producers and distributors from around the world, with this year’s event hosting more than 7,400 exhibitors from 100+ countries and 170,000 total visitors from nearly 200 countries.

For Georgia’s vast food industry, export and trade opportunities abound. Companies visiting and exhibiting at international trade shows such as ANUGA and its partner show, SIAL Paris, reach new and diverse markets of consumers, buyers and distributors. Two of GDEcD’s International Trade Managers, Priya Verma and Josh Jacob, offer specialized export assistance to Georgia food and agriculture companies looking to expand their global opportunities. Events like ANUGA give these companies a platform from which to extend their reach into new markets and to connect with new clients. arrange one-on-one meetings with pre-qualified leads to fa GDEcD travels with Georgia companies throughout the year to a wide variety of trade shows across the globe, connecting our businesses with international industries.GDEcD’s Trade and Investment Teams at ANUGA 2017

GDEcD’s International Trade Representatives offer additional value to Georgia businesses traveling to international trade shows. Georgia’s Trade Representative for Europe, Ulrike Schauerte, joined the GDEcD team at ANUGA to connect Georgia exhibitors with key industry contacts at the show and facilitate one-on-one meetings with buyers interested in Georgia products. With in-depth knowledge of local markets, Georgia’s in-country representatives provide valuable insight and assistance in connecting Georgia businesses with industry contacts all over the world. The State of Georgia currently has trade and investment representatives in 11 strategic markets across the globe.

Agribusiness is one of Georgia’s strongest industries, contributing nearly $75 billion to Georgia’s economy. Georgia leads the country in many poultry-production categories and is an important producer of agricultural commodities such as peanuts and blueberries as well as increasing numbers of value-added products. In addition to providing numerous opportunities for Georgia companies to connect with global buyers and distributors, ANUGA offers unparalleled access to a broad European consumer base, an ideal market for value-added Georgia food companies looking to reach high-income, high-consumption populations.

Two Georgia companies anchored the Georgia booth at ANUGA: Premium Peanut and Tru-nut. Home to the world’s largest peanut shelling facility in the world, Premium Peanut met with distributors in an effort to expand their already-existing operations in European markets. Tru-nut, a smaller company specializing in powdered peanut butter and peanut flour, connected with buyers who could place their product in organic, health food-focused supermarkets across Europe and South America. These two companies represent the depth and diversity of Georgia’s food industry; it encompasses small to mid-size companies as well as major international food producers and features everything from agricultural commodities to value-added items.

In addition to the two companies represented in the Georgia booth, GDEcD trade representatives connected with many other Georgia companies exhibiting at ANUGA. Larger companies present included AJC International, Interra International, and Royal Crown Cola, global leaders in frozen meat sales, distribution of food products, and bottling, respectively. Small to mid-size companies included Mirasco, Palmetto Food Service and MetaFoods, all of whom have previously benefitted from GDEcD’s international trade services and export assistance.

Interested in learning more about how GDEcD’s Trade Team can help grow your company’s international opportunities? Visit Georgia.org/Trade or call 404.962.4826.

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